Learning Clubs

A school is a microcosm of society. And therefore, to develop and hone the social skills in our students, we regularly conduct group activities in our 3 Student clubs-


  • Eco club-


The world is finally recognizing the pressing need to conserve and safeguard our ecosystem. And, we are playing our part in this by enabling the young minds to become the green citizens of the world. Our Eco club plays a significant role in this. In this club, students come together and conduct various activities to spread awareness about keeping the environment green, clean and eco-friendly. Many campaigns and workshops are arranged by these students in this regard and they are actively guided by their teachers.


  • Literary club-


We all have heard the popular axiom, ‘All’s world’s a stage’, and SARA is preparing fine actors for this stage through the medium of Literary club. Dramas, Debates, Mime, Turn Coats, Speech, Stories- you name it and we have it. We firmly believe in the power of books to give meaningful purpose to our impressionable students. And therefore, we encourage them to read as many books as possible and to express their opinions through any of the creative mediums stated above. This club is doing great in polishing our young litterateurs.


  • Heritage club-


Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world, and if we believe Mark Twain, then we can say that it is older than Time itself! The city is replete with long forgotten monuments and folklores. Our Heritage club is trying its best to bring to fore these lost glories and stories. It’s heartening to see the members of this club organizing heritage walks, tours, seminars to ensure that our past chronicles get their due recognition. And they don’t stop at this! Various talks and campaigns are organized by them to preserve our monuments. This club ensures that our future generation doesn’t forget about the Past.

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