Several indoor/outdoor games

Sportsmanship is considered one of the noblest qualities in games as well as life. A good sportsmanship is important for decent etiquettes, behavior and personality. And one acquires this quality through sports! Therefore, our school lays special emphasis on sports and games.


We have dedicated arenas for indoor and outdoor games.

  • Outdoor stadiums for basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and lawn tennis, etc.
  • Indoor stadiums for shuttle badminton, table tennis, carom, chess, etc.
  • Spacious playground ‘NANDAN KANAN’ for athletic games.
  • Multi play stations and open area of ‘NANHI PHULWARI’ for kids.





In Indoor games, we organize trainings and practice sessions for Table tennis and Taekwondo. We also have rooms and provisions for carom and chess.

Both our girls and boys get rigorous trainings in self-defense to enable them to safeguard themselves under any unforeseen circumstances.



Table Tennis

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