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Event Celebrations
Investiture Ceremony

S.A.R.A. senior school Investiture Ceremony was celebrated on 5th September, 2020 with great zeal and exemplary finesse. In this event, badges of Honor and Prefectorial Designations were awarded to our young leaders by Dr. T.N. Singh, Honorable V.C. of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, who graced the event with his multifaceted personality. Along with him, Dr. Sarojini Mahapatra (President, Inner Wheel CLUB) and Dr. Subhash Chandra Yadav, Regional Archeological Officer, Varanasi, our Director, Dr. Divya Singh and our mentor and guide Shri Vishal Singh ji also marked their presence to boost up the morale of the students. The grand celebration which was held online through Zoom included Teachers' Day celebration & oath taking ceremony by the prefectorial team.

Basant Rituraj Mahotsav

“Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is” – Jessica Harrelson.

Keeping the above quote in mind, S.A.R.A. organized Rituraj Mahotsav with great pomp and show on 31st January 2020 to fill everybody with positive energy before the commencement of new session. It was indeed rejuvenating to see our young minds participating with great vigour and interest in the fest. Primary Section organized various tableaus portraying the vivid and colourful culture of different states of India. Educational fair saw a huge turnout where students pondered over their college choices. Science Exhibition had all our students chaneling their inner Einsteins. Navras Amphitheatre had a different and vibrant aura with mesmerizing performances by Mamta Sharma, Umesh Bhatia and Shreya Raghuvanshi. Ankita Khatri launched her collection of poems, 'Meri Naadaniyan' on this occassion in our Navras Amphitheatre.

Mahashivratri Mahotsav

We celebrated Mahashivratri extensively by organizing ‘Bhajan Sandhya’. Both the teachers and the students were pumped up for this event. It was a visual delight to see our young buds dressed up as Shiv and Parvati. They even took out a procession depicting 'Shiv ki barat'. The faculty members also looked their best in their ethnic ensemble. The evening was filled with bhajan and nritya.

Farewell Party

‘Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending’.

Our students enter the world of SARA as spirited and vivacious young minds and leave as mature, competent and responsible adults. It gives us immense pride to see them transform into such capable and efficient individuals. Therefore, we mark the occasion of their valediction with grandeur and splendor.
This year, the theme of our Farewell party was ‘Carpe Diem- Sieze the day’. The students were looking resplendent as they arrived all decked up. Various games and competitions were arranged in which they put their best foot forward. The juniors didn’t leave any stone unturned to entertain the seniors for the very last time. They presentedvarious dance performances on hitbollywood chartbusters and the seniors also couldn’t resist the temptation to shake their legs.

The following students were successful in bagging these coveted titles

Exemplary leadership ( PREFECTORIAL BOARD ) - Manik Pandey, Rishita Pandey

Exemplary Leadership (EDITORIAL BOARD) - Aditya Raj singh, Vinti mishra

Toppers of Pre Board - Aditya Raj Singh-sci., Diksha Singh-comm., Shweta rao- hum.

Best in Sports - Milan singh- hum

Best in Music - Prachi singh-sci, Pragya singh-sci

Disciplined students (HOSTEL) - Divya singh- hum.

Best in leadership (HOSTEL) - Kashish Singh- comm.

And the most important of all

Mr. S.A.R.A. - Manik Pandey

Miss S.A.R.A. - Nisha Ansari