Sant Atulanand Residential Academy






Students, especially hostellers of our school, enjoy the goodness of pure milk straight from our dairy- SURBHI. Surbhi Dairy houses 30 healthy cows which provide pure, fresh and undiluted milk daily to our hostellers.

Organic Farm

Our hostellers enjoy the goodness of organic, fresh, straight out of farm produce on their plates daily. Our farm has fresh veggies growing all year long!

24*7 Power Backup

We have a strong power backup system which is supported by 5 heavy generators and solar panels. So, our day scholars and hostellers never get to experience load shedding in our campus.  

Strong Security

CCTV cameras are installed at every nook and corners of tis vast campus to ensure the safety of our students and to prevent them from engaging in mischieveous activities. There are guards installed at all our entry gates day in and day out.

Health Coverage

We have a medical room where a medical professional is available day and night. Our wardens maintain medical files of each hosteller and keep updating it regularly. Several medical camps and workshops are organized weekly to spread awareness. Minor ailment is attended to immediately and in case of emergency, we have a tie-up with one of the best multi-specialty hospital in the city.


We have connectivity throughout Varanasi. We have 24 buses with all the modern amenities and licensed drivers and conductors to ferry students from their homes to school and back to their homes. Our drivers have impeccable driving history and they are very reliable. Our buses are punctual and managed well


The school has a number of sporting arenas like volleyball court, basketball courts, skating field, and game rooms to promote Sports and physical activities. 

We have dedicated arenas for indoor and outdoor games.

Outdoor stadiums for basketball, volleyball, football, tennis and lawn tennis, etc. There are 3 basketball courts and 2 indoor badminton court.
Indoor stadiums for shuttle badminton, table tennis, carom, chess, etc. 
Spacious playground ‘NANDAN KANAN’ for athletic games. 
Multi play stations and open area of ‘NANHI PHULWARI’ for kids.

Space for Creative Expressions

There are also special provisions for recreation and extra-curricular affairs. The school boasts of an advanced auditorium where ‘Thursday Talkies’ is a weekly activity, amphitheatre where children strongly declare, even realize that ‘All worlds’ a stage’, and other well-equipped halls for dance and craft. Dedicated lectures for music, both vocal and instrumental, take place regularly; the music room is well-equipped with all the musical amenities. The school also lays emphasis on painting and encourages the children to create masterpieces with each stroke of their brushes.