Sant Atulanand Residential Academy



Hostel Infrastructure

Hostel Infrastructure

A World Class Infrastructure

Our boarding premises boast of advanced and modern amenities. They are designed in accordance with the contemporary architecture.

There are separate boarding houses for both girls and boys Maitreyi Chhatravas comprises of Rani Laxmibai block and Chhatrapati Shivaji block (For junior boys)
Aryabhatta Chhatravas houses boys from class 8th till class 12th.
Both the hostel blocks are equipped with play areas, basketball courts, reading room, library, tennis court, indoor play stations etc.

A Sober Accommodation

The hostel rooms are both luxurious as well as spacious. Bright and clean rooms with cross ventilation are decked with all the necessary furniture. The younger kids are put up in dormitories while the older ones are provided rooms with double sharing. Even the washrooms are well-maintained and properly sanitized.

Neat And Clean Cookhouses

Food forms an integral part of any hostel and we have taken special care in ensuring that our cookhouses remain neat and hygienic at all times. Our cooks take adequate precautions while cooking. The cookhouses are equipped with oil expellers, aquaguard, flour mills and grinding machines to produce fresh and pure wheat flour, mustard oil and spices

A Pleasing Dining Hall

"People who eat together, stay together"

Taking inspiration from the above quote, we have ensured that our hostellers, campus teachers and staff share all their meal together like one big family. Healthy discussions during meal times are a regular routine. Our dining halls are very spacious, clean and big enough to accommodate over 100 students at a time

A Soothing Cafeteria

The school has a healthy cafeteria to satisfy the taste buds from time to time. The hostel students have ‘Canteen days’ twice a week, where they are allowed to give in to their taste buds and relish all the delectable snacks. Apart from the canteen, there’s AMUL Cafeteria which is quite popular during scorching summers.

Play Grounds

The school takes special care in training the students in various sport games, and therefore, we have following grounds to facilitate sporting activities

3 Dedicated Basketball grounds.
2 Football grounds.
1 Indoor and 1 Outdoor courts for badminton.
Table tennis Indoor gallery.
Skating arena
The Volleyball corner

Our Devoted Mentors

We believe in all-round development of our students and therefore our campus teachers leave no stones unturned in giving that rare bloom in their personalities

Well Seasoned Coaches

Our coaches do their level best in letting you channel your inner Sports star. Sports training are a part of everyday routine.

Medical facilities

Our medical room, Dhanvantri Prawas, is stocked with all the necessary medicines and first aid tool kit. And we have medical assistants round the clock. So, we’ve got you covered!

Super Active Wardens

Our wardens are completely involved in each child’s progress, be it academic or personal. Right from wake-up call to tucking the young ones in their bed, our wardens perform each duty of a parent with love and care.

Alert Security On Duty

Our security personnel are vigilant 24*7 and they are aided by security cameras installed at every nook and corner of the campus.

Magical Cooks Of Your Taste

Our cooks have a magic touch and they don’t let you miss ‘Ghar ka Khana’. They are experts in preparing delectable and tasty meals. Seasonal fruits are served daily. And on special occasions, one can expect tasty cuisines.

Your Health Boosters

SARA has a personal dairy, SURBHI Dairy Farm to provide you pure and fresh milk daily. This dairy houses 32 healthy cows. All the milk products are also prepared from the dairy milk.